Hello fellow food lovers! Welcome to Boca Delicia!

I am  a Red Seal Chef and certified Baker living on the bountiful Pacific NorthWest Coast who believes  the more we can do from scratch and out of our own kitchens is by far the best. Not only will we be the healthier for it but the food budget becomes manageable. It just makes sense to know how to put a meal together, to feed yourself.

It doesn’t have to be complex- I’m not a fan of highly articulated plates of food, I feel that  only takes cuisine into elitism,  food should be approachable, and available to everybody! And besides the less fuss to make a meal the more we will make,  am I right?

Remember that cooking is also Highly Subjective, and a Creative Process;  there are no “rules” except in the case of food safety, cross contamination and hygiene of course. Otherwise we are free to experiment!

So belly up to the banquette and enjoy, participate, comment, and belch if you have to after having your fill, we’re all friends here.  🙂



Oh, for the Spanish challenged- Boca Delicia= Mouth Delight!




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