The old Bauernhaus

Traveling to Kimberley located in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia to visit my daughter, we went to The Old Bauernhaus,  voted the best restaurant in the Kootenays in 2014 and a member of the Slow Food Movement,  for dinner.  The unique bit of history about this restaurant lies with its original owners  immigrating from Germany  who first bought the 350 year old Bavarian building-that was once a barn, a bar and a house, and even witnessed the black plague- while in Germany. Then they dismantled the entire structure, and in 1989 shipped it to Kimberley and put it back together in its present location half way up the road to the ski hill. So, great ambience with all that ancient wood; the interior is clean, spare and simple. The original owners still live upstairs and lease the restaurant below to the current husband and wife chef team Nils Fuhge and Michelle Klassen who met when they were taking their culinary training in Switzerland.

The food still leans entirely towards German fare and everything is house made down to the mustard, sausages  and the most incredible sourdough breads (made from a 35 year old sour) I have ever put in my mouth. All their meat is locally sourced and organically raised, the same for the vegetables.

My daughter and I had the Schnitzel Munich : Unbreaded local free range Pork Schnitzel with poached pear, Brie, and Rosti potatoes and pear jus. Her husband had Jagergeschnetzeltes with pork with shallots, fresh mushrooms, white wine sauce and spatzle, and Bob had their special which I can’t recall  exactly (I should’ve taken notes since this wasn’t on the menu) what it was but I do know  pork was also involved, and tasting it can attest that it, along with everything on our table, was extraordinarily simple in their components and plating and extraordinarily succulent and so delicious. Nothing pretentious, just clean and simple food, prepared with care and skill.

We had to have dessert.

My daughter had a molten cake, yes , so 90’s but made with the best ingredients, and really does molten chocolate ever go out of style? Of course the ice cream with it is house made too, I had the Apple strudel, and Bob had chocolate ice cream which he said is pretty close to the rich  chocolate ice cream I make. Hmm, let me taste. Yep.

Good thing my daughter lives close enough by, the walk was welcomed.


web image
Pork Munich -Pork Schnitzel with Brie and Poached Pear and Potato Rosti and perfectly cooked selection of veg. I wanted to dig in so fast I had to put down my fork to take a photo, but not before breaking into the Rosti!

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