Old School Pineapple Upside Down Cake

There is everything to love about this simple satisfying cake. It turns out of the pan complete with fragrant caramelly, lusciousness on top. Nothing more to do but eat- especially while it’s still warm! I used a cast iron skillet here but a cake pan will work too of course. I started by melting about 1/4 c of butter in the skillet with a  1/4 c Brown Sugar and placing the pineapple in. I added Pecans because why not? And I’m not a fan of formaldehyde cherries. Let it cool a bit before adding the cake batter.

Then I mixed up the cake batter and poured it over and into the oven at 350








The best!  Of course you can use most any other fruit instead of Pineapple. Enjoy !

White Cake

6 oz Butter

1 lb sugar

15 oz cake flour ( soft flour)

3 tbl baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

3/4 tsp vanilla

375 ml milk

4 eggs

Cream the butter and sugar for 2 min.

Add each egg one at a time mixing 30 seconds between, then continue creaming 2 min when all eggs are in.

Sift dry ingredients together 3 times

Add in 1/3 dry ingredients, and mix 30 sec. on low

Add in 1/2 total liquid ingredients mix 30 sec on low

Add another 1/3 dry ingredients repeat mixing

Scrap bowl then add remaining liquid, mix 30 sec

Add remaining dry ingredients

Scrap bowl

Mix 1 minute longer

Pour over pineapple in the skillet

Bake at 350′ until golden and springs back from touch. Approximately 25-30 minutes.



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