But wait, there’s more ice cream

fullsizeoutput_1801 Chocolate chip home made

The last batch of vanilla I had made was from a recipe that used an Anglaise base (Anglaise being: sugar, cream, vanilla and egg yolk gently cooked till slightly thickened.)  So I decided it was time to give Ben and Jerry’s French Vanilla Ice Cream recipe a try that uses raw eggs. I had made their Chocolate Ice Cream and wasn’t too impressed with the grainy texture (but was gleefully consumed none- the-less) and after making another batch of Chocolate from another recipe with a Anglaise base, I could compare the two. The Anglaise base was a hands down. The heating of the egg, chocolate, cream, sugar helps to homogenize everything into the desired creamy silkiness texture.

So the verdict on the raw egg Vanilla Ice Cream compared to the Anglaise base Ice Cream?…Ben and Jerry’s was not bad.  Although, I notice that there is a definite lack of richness in their recipe as opposed to the Anglaise base. Can an ice cream taste thin?

Bonus was making it into Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, a variety not available in stores in B.C but is a favorite of mine as a kid growing up in California. Stay tuned for Rocky Road, another variety not made here, well they have some versions they call Rocky Road  that I’ve tried but isn’t what I remember as a kid. I intend to rectify the situation.

I’ve begun a daily  exercise regimen too.



French Vanilla (Ben & Jerry’s)

2 large Eggs

3/4 cup Sugar

2 cup Heavy Cream

1 cup Milk

2 tsp vanilla

Whisk eggs in bowl 1-2 minutes, add sugar slowly while whisking and mix for another minute.

Pour in the Heavy Cream, Milk and Vanilla and whisk to blend well.

Transfer to Ice Cream Machine

Makes 1 Quart


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