Did I mention that I LOVE Scones?

Blue cheese, apple scone

No?  Well I do! This morning I didn’t have any bread- because I didn’t make any yesterday- so I made scones. It’s fast, in 23 minutes they are made, baked and on your plate. The time-saving is not rolling them out and cookie cutting them. I pat the whole dough into one large disk on my baking sheet to about 2″ thickness, then score it into wedges, and as you can notice I get 8 scones. I like em big, but the option of rolling out the dough and cutting into small rounds does give you a bigger yield- about 12 or so. That’s how often I roll and cut!

This one below is made with the addition of Blue Cheese and fresh Apple pieces, and its now my favorite combination. It is a thing of beauty- so delicious!


Last week I made them with raisins. I can never eat just one at breakfast, I mean c’mon warm scone, strawberry jam. So good. But they are not only for breakfast, I’ve made some fantastic sandwiches for lunch with them too. Turkey with cranberry relish, Pork with Mango chutney, limitless.



2 cup Flour

1 Tbls sugar

1/4 tsp salt

1-1/2 Tbls Baking Powder

1/4 tsp Baking soda

Add in any extras if using  – currents, raisins, fruit, cheese etc.

1/2 cup Butter (4 oz)

Into the dry ingredients crumble in and work the butter in using your fingers till the butter pieces are about the size of chickpeas. Don’t overwork the flour/butter.

In a small bowl whisk together :

1 Egg with about 1 Cup ButterMilk.  If the dough is too dry add a bit more b-milk

And add into the flour butter and quickly and lightly mix till it’s a shaggy ball and holds together. I use my plastic dough scraper for this for cutting in the wet to dry:




Dump dough onto baking sheet and pat into a disk to about 2″ in thickness

Score wedges and brush with egg wash

Sprinkle with sugar optional.

Bake 20 minutes at 400′

Enjoy !


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