Chocolate Ice Cream

Home made chocolate ice cream

I made another batch of ice cream in my new machine, and as I had mentioned in my previous post We all Scream for Ice Cream I had made a vanilla ice cream using an Anglaise base, or a cooked custard, instead of using the recipe out of the Ben and Jerry recipe booklet that was given with the machine. Their recipe uses raw uncooked eggs.

But wanting to give B&J’s a chance I next made a chocolate ice cream using their recipe that called for 2 raw whole eggs. I didn’t document it when I made it but the outcome was grainy with a thin mouth fell, but satisfactory- is there ever bad homemade ice cream? No.

Next I wanted to make another chocolate ice cream and searched the web for a custard base recipe to taste the difference from B&J’s, raw egg recipe and I found David Lebovitz’s recipe from his book The Perfect Scoop, via The Brown Eye Baker Blog site.

First let me say Bob is THE  Ultimate Chocolate Ice Cream connoisseur, if he could climb into vat of it I would lose him for sure. And when he put the first spoon of this chocolate ice cream in his mouth, and unlike the B&J’s recipe, I swear I saw his eyes roll back in his head. He had hit nirvana and curled into a chocolate coma.

So it is good I assumed. Oh yes, it is.


It is, dare I say, better than Haagen Das? This Ice Cream hit every point on the Rich, Velvety, Dense, Intensely Chocolate scale. In fact for me? It’s too rich. I could only handle a small scoop. But the shocker came when Bob said I could probably use 4 oz of chocolate instead of the called for 5 oz. Now that’s just crazy talk coming from him.

He said after having a bite of this ice cream was like having a chocolate bar melting in your mouth.


So this recipe is my all time keeper, sorry Ben and Jerry, a custard base is the only way to go, but I can see that if one needed to make an ice cream quickly- I’m sure there are ice cream emergencies- then raw egg will do, but the richness will be missed. So with an appreciative nod to Mr. Lebovitz and his book The Perfect Scoop here is the recipe:

Chocolate Ice Cream 

2 cup Heavy Cream

3 Tbls Cocoa

5oz Bittersweet Chocolate  (I used semi sweet )

1 cup Whole Milk  (I used 2%)

3/4 Cup White Sugar

pinch salt

5 Egg Yolks

1/2 tsp vanilla

In a sauce pan warm 1 cup of heavy cream with the cocoa, bring to boil  then whisking reduce to simmer for 30 seconds. Remove from heat.

Add the shaved chocolate to the warm cream/cocoa. Stir till chocolate is melted and add in the second cup of heavy cream.

Pour all into a large bowl and set a wire mesh strainer on top. Put aside.

In same sauce pan add the milk and sugar, and salt. Bring up to a medium heat- don’t boil.

Separating the eggs put yolks in a small bowl and whisk to break them up. Using a small measuring cup or ladle, scoop up some hot milk and while whisking the egg pour a small amount of the milk into the eggs. This is tempering the eggs, bringing them up to the temperature of the milk and not allowing the eggs to curdle and cook.

When you’ve added about a cup or so of hot milk to the eggs you can dump the egg/milk altogether back into the sauce pan and on medium heat continuing to stir until it thickens- coating the back of spoon. This can take about 10 minutes.

When it has thickened pour all through the mesh strainer into the bowl of chocolate and stir together.

Set bowl in an ice bath or a sink filled with some cold water and chill down.

Then cover with plastic wrap and put into the fridge till well chilled before putting into ice cream machine.



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