Mayonnaise. You can make it at home for far, far less than ready-made from the store. In moments you can have your own from scratch with simple ingredients.


The tricky part is at the beginning, as the egg is mixing and your’e adding the vegetable oil. If you add oil too fast the egg and oil will not fall in love, no -they will go their separate ways and remain as a loose liquid.  But it’s really just patience. Get the egg going in the blender -and I use the whole egg here, some say to use only the yolk but why waste the white when it works so perfectly, and not so fussy?  Then begin to pour the oil in a long thin stream, holding the cup of oil up high is easiest allowing egg and oil to get to know each other, to join together. To EMULSIFY!


Once the egg and oil relationship is established you can pour a little thicker stream. I like to add the Dijon mustard at this point while keeping the machine running. I continue to stream in the oil until it begins to thicken more. Then I’ll add in some lemon juice, salt, and some wine vinegar, a little white pepper, then resume with the oil.

Done. I usually add in some Mirin too which is a sweet rice wine found in my grocery stores here in BC but maybe in specialty stores in your area. If you can’t find any substitute with a 1/2 tsp sugar.

Then taste your Mayo. Do you want to add a splash of Lee & Perrins? Go for it. More salt? More Lemon? Adjust as you need. There you have it.


1 Whole Egg

1- 1/2 cup Vegetable oil (or 12 oz.)

1 Tbls Dijon

1 Tsp salt

Juice of 1/2 lemon

2 tsp White wine Vinegar

But what if it breaks up? What if the egg and oil divorce? ! No problem, you will know what to do.

It can be rather alarming when this happens. You think everything is going so well, egg and oil are in conjoined bliss as you keep adding the oil. The Mayo is getting thicker and you think it may be just about done when suddenly -Boom, it’s splashing around the blender in full liquid state. Broke by  adding too much oil. An egg can only receive so much love.

And keep in mind the more oil added makes the mayo thicker- not thinner. If you need to thin it out add more lemon juice or water.

And in the beginning if you did rush the romance and added the oil too quickly and the mayo isn’t thickening stop and pour the liquid- would-be-mayo into another small bowl.  Crack another egg into the blender and turn it on. As it’s running take your would-be-mayo and pour it in a THIN STREAM again into the new egg. You are essentially re-emulsifying. Then continue on adding the rest of the ingredients if you hadn’t already.

Now- go make a killer sandwich!




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