Veggie Open-Face

Veggie Open Face

The humble open-faced sandwich deserves praise for its simplicity and versatility wouldn’t you agree? Savory, hot, and stacked with your tastiest finds, quick and easy to assemble and not too heavy on the tummy, because you’re only eating one piece of bread, brilliant!

It could be layered with anything you have on hand from a few ingredients to several, although keeping it to few makes it easier to hold and eat with one hand, like a pizza.

Start with a good bread, toasted first in this case, next lay on some goat cheese, then some avocado and cucumber, don’t forget salt and pepper. Next some red onion, and I sliced and scattered some Kalamata olives, then sliced tomato. Over all a good grating of apple smoked cheddar. Then it went under the broiler until the cheese was bubbling hot. With the goat cheese and avocado going on the toast first I didn’t miss the mayo or butter at all.

Muy Sabroso ! Very tasty ~


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