Scream for Ice Cream

Well,  my son was certainly on his mark this Christmas with his choice of gift. Must have heard the laments over the cost of Haagen dazs and his dads insatiable cravings. That and our reluctance to boycott Haagen dazs because it’s a Nestle product (since the 80’s). Why!  We don’t like what Nestle has been doing to our Canadian aquifers among other things! But their ice cream is soooo good!

So you can imagine the joy when I unwrapped our own ice cream maker.

I’ve wanted one for a while, but held off buying one in an attempt at prudent weight management. But at $7.50 for a pint H.D. I knew I’d have to reconsider. We just love ice cream that much.

So I’ll exercise more.

Along with the machine our son included a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream recipe booklet and the first thing I made was a cranberry ginger sorbet. Tart and sweet, lovely. Next I made a vanilla, start with the basics, and because I made ice cream at a restaurant I worked at several years back I recalled that we started with an Anglaise, meaning the egg, sugar, cream and milk were first slowly cooked till thickened like a custard, then chilled, then put into the maker. Since all of Ben and Jerry’s recipes call for raw eggs I was skeptical. Making an Anglaise takes longer but it was what I knew so it’s what I did. Turned out so creamy and delicious. I then had to make a chocolate cake to go with it. Just goes with the territory I’m afraid.

Although warm Apple Pie is my all time favorite side to my vanilla ice cream.

I’ve since read on ice cream making and have learned that it is standard procedure to use raw egg, so I’ll try it with my next batch and let you know how the texture differs from an Anglaise base.

Fitness regime to commence immediately.

Home made vanilla ice cream with home made chocolate cake


Just to clarify what I mean about Nestle~


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