A Yorkshire by any other Name

For my family our get together time/big dinner is Christmas Eve and it is always Prime Rib with Yorkshire’s. My recipe makes about 1-1/2  liters but since there were only 5 for dinner this year I have leftover batter on hand. Which is just fine because another identity of Yorkshire’s are Dutch Baby Pancakes!

I used a skillet for this, putting a good coat of oil in the pan as it heated up in the oven. In about 15 minutes I had breakfast. I sautéed some pears and fried up some Tuscan style ham, laid on some butter and maple syrup. Yyyyum.

Since there are several eggs in the batter I felt I didn’t want to accompany this with a side of eggs, but actually the ratio of eggs to the amount of batter I get it’s not really too much to add a poached, scrambled, or fried egg to the plate.

Make them savoury or sweet, it’s got dinner and breakfast covered.




Yorkshire Pudding

2 c Milk

2 cup flour

2 cup eggs ( about 6 eggs )

pinch of salt

Combine dry ingredients, whip eggs up in separate bowl then fold into dry and then strain through a wire mesh. Chill very well before using.

Have a well oiled pan or muffin or popover pan with a couple of tablespoons of oil in each popover cup heating up in a hot oven. When it’s starting to smoke the pan is hot enough.

Add about 2 oz of the cold batter if using muffin or popover pan, more if making one in a bigger pan.

Bake 30 minutes in 400′ F oven. When done remove from pan and keep warm.


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