Thai Inspired Noodle Soup with Pork

So it’s a heavy overcast afternoon, feels like 8pm but it’s only 3, and rain is pummeling, in fact we on the NorthWest Coast are enjoying our wettest fall on record.

Moving on.

I just so happened to have the makings for this Thai inspired soup and had it steaming hot in my bowl in no time. I already had the noodles that I had cooked off yesterday and the braised Pork Shoulder (or Butt) from the night before.

I can’t for the life of me understand why they call it the Butt when it’s the shoulder.

If you have some good homemade chicken stock, or pick up one of the good quality tetra pac organic stocks from the grocery store, and some pork or chicken and a little selection of veggies, some Rice Noodles you’re done!

I used the Rice Stick noodle, toss into boiling salted water ( although not as much salt as when cooking pasta, just a couple of teaspoons) and let it go for 8-10 minutes. Check it at 8 minutes, you don’t want it mushy.

When the noodles are done drain them and place a good pile into your soup bowl, because you will be labeling the hot broth and veg over the noodles. This way they don’t over cook. If you had cooked your noodles beforehand and they’re cold, toss them into boiling water or some hot stock just to take the chill off.




I chose some red pepper, carrot, red onion, celery, sautéing these with olive oil and a few tablespoons of fish sauce. I steamed off some broccoli and added that in, and a good squeeze of lime. Ginger would’ve been a nice addition too. It’s whatever vegetables you happen to have in your reach. Although keep in mind not to overload with too many varieties of veg, keep it to a few so the flavors can come through.




One of my staples is Sambal, I love this stuff and when added into this soup it makes it sing, or more correctly Zing! It’s hot so add carefully. The Sweet chili sauce gives a great balance to the heat of Sambal and the acid from the lime. Note, the fish sauce is a seasoning with a complex salty note so use discretion in other words omit regular salt when using it.



In minutes you’re slurping in warm contentment this nutritious, deeply satisfying Noodle Soup.

I would’ve had a few generous sprigs of cilantro to finish off the bowl, but I didn’t have any at the time. No biggie, it’s all good. Working with what you have is what preparing a meal ultimately boils down to 90% of the time!

You will need for this recipe ~

Pork or chicken, cooked off and sliced

Rice noodles

Chicken broth

Red onion

Red pepper





Lime juice

Fish sauce

Sambal oelek

Sweet chili sauce



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