Summer Cater

It’s a dark and stormy afternoon which got me thinking about this past summer’s light and warmth, and a Family Beach Reunion I catered at the end of August for my neighbour down the road. They wanted a selection of sandwiches, fruit and veggie platters and a big cake, enough for 33 people.

A few folks were vegetarians and one had intolerances to all dairy, eggs, soy, and gluten. For this person I included her own platter of Rice Paper Rolls with smoked salmon and Lettuce Wraps with chicken, I was lucky to find a vegan mayonnaise that was also soy free to use on those special items!

The rest were selections of Italian inspired  sandwiches on baguettes with provolone, roasted red pepper, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, ultra thin slices of zucchini, and artichoke, prosciutto (and some without Prosciutto) and a pesto mayonnaise.

There were croissants filled with shrimp, and some with egg salad, there were sandwiches of chicken breast with curry mayo, roast beef with horseradish mayo, and smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese and veggie and cheese sandwiches. There were also tortilla wraps with chicken with chipotle mayo, beef bbq, and veggie wraps.

There were two large veggie platters and fruit platters, also hummus, and a yogurt- dijon dip.



The selections!




The meat!  I also cooked off the chicken breasts but they don’t thrill me like the sight of perfectly cooked beef!




The special diet selection




Veggie platters. For some reason I missed a photo of the fruit platters, but they were gorgeous.



The cake, icing smooshed from the cling film in transport!




Because my van was broke down all was transported using the neighbors golf cart and my wagon. Good thing it was just down the road. Oh there is one of the fruit platters!



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