Apple Bread- or cake, whichever- It’s a scrumptious fall treat

I lOVE APPLES! Eating  them fresh, cooked into savory or in sweet things they absolutely possess culinary flex in spades. The recipe here I found back in the mid eighties while working as the breakfast chef at a B&B and have kept making it ever since. It is a simple quick bread so a flash to put together- a long time in the oven. Such is irony.

We’ll start by lining the pan with Parchment Paper. This eliminates the pan spray or worse, the butter and flour mess. You only need the bottom of the baking pan lined, don’t worry about the sides. You can pick up Parchment paper at most grocery stores and at Costco for sure. This item is recommended as a staple in your kitchen. Get some.


So a little trick for lining a round pan with a square piece of parchment is this. Depending on the size of your pan pull out a length of paper and cut it into appropriate sized squares. My pans were 6″ and 8″ but don’t fuss over exact measurements here, you do it once and you’ll get the idea for future reference. So my square  for my 6″ pan is maybe 6×7″ thereabouts. Next fold it into quarters.


Like this.


Next, begin folding over like a fan till it becomes …


Like this.


Now turn your pan over and  size up the length from the middle of the pan to the edge like so. I’m using a spring form pan and a removable bottom pan ( which means I must push up from the bottom of the pan.)


And where you see my thumb cut straight across. Then unravel the paper and you’ll have a circle.


Ok pans lined, next prepare the apples. You’ll need 4 granny smiths or any good hard apple from your region, and peel them.


A word on peeling. There are fantastic apple peelers out there that can strip an apple in good time, like this one that clamps onto the counter. Perfect for peeling a bushel of apples for the 20 pies you’re making for a fall fair.


But for a few apples I don’t want to break out the heavy machinery ( ok it’s not that heavy) when I can use my humble, carrot stained, somewhat narley Veg Peeler.


I hold the apple, bottom up, between my middle finger and thumb then draw the peeler down end to end in quick strokes.


Next to core them. Don’t cut them in quarters through the centre,  you’ll have the extra work of cutting out the hard core pieces from each quarter piece of apple. Instead hold the apple up straight and cut beside the core.


Then cut into chunks about 1/2″ to 1″ in size.


Now for the rest of the ingredients~


In a med- large bowl whisk up the eggs sugar, vanilla and oil until well incorporated and smooth, then add in your apple pieces. Next transfer your dry ingredients into a wire sieve and tap it through into the bowl oil sugar, apple mix.

Sieving dry ingredients in baking is always a good idea to ensure there are no chunky bits of baking soda or powder and it also helps to blend the dry ingredients well together  for even distribution.


And using a flexible plastic scraper- you can use a regular rubber spatula or a wooden spoon- blend it all together.




Then into your papered cake pans.


Next I like to garnish these cakes, so I use another apple, one that doesn’t have a tough skin because I won’t be peeling this, I want the beautiful skin to show and add texture. This as a Gala apple.



I slice them into lovely thin wedges and then do this –


And sprinkle with Cinnamon brown sugar mix


Bake at 350 from 1 hour to 1-1/2  hours, or stick a long skewer in and if it comes out clean and dry  it’s done.


Loosen the cake from the pan, after letting it rest about 10 minutes, by running a knife around between the cake and the pan.




Make some coffee or tea, call a friend and settle in for some good  gossip-I mean conversation~




Makes two loaves~

Oven 350′ Bake 1 to 1 -1/2 hours

In a medium size bowl blend the following 4 ingredients together:

Eggs -3

Sugar -2 cups

Oil – 1 cup

Vanilla- 1 Tbls

Add in :

Apples- 4 cups ( or 4 apples)

In another small bowl measure out the dry ingredients.

Flour -3 cups

Baking soda -1 tsp

Cinnamon -1 tsp

Add into the wet ingredients and fold until all the dry is incorporated.








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