That’s a Wrap


I went to dinner at a friends the other night who had received a nice chunk of Venison. It was delicious and along with the pleasant time spent with my friends, it was a very enjoyable evening. They had enough leftover cooked meat to send me home with some which I gratefully accepted.

What I love about wraps is their versatility- they will take whatever you have and make a satisfying, healthy, quick meal.

Here I had a whole wheat tortilla, some lovely lettuces along with some avocado, some sautéed red onion, and I mixed some chimchurri sauce with some mayo to add saucy-ness and bring in some moisture. Venison is very lean so tends to be on the dry side.

Adding a side of lightly cooked veggies and rice was a complete meal, Muy Sabor!




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  1. I love making wraps for lunch, they are low cal and delicious!

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    1. Thanks for the follow, Buen Provecho!


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