Poached Egg on Toast

Poached egg on toast
Poached egg on toast

Egg on toast, a quick unctuous meal for breakfast, brunch or lunch utilizing some cooked chicken breast from last evenings dinner! Easy Peasy and so satisfying.

For this dish, chicken breast sliced thin laid over mashed avocado and tomatoes, some sautéed mushrooms, a sunny side up egg and cheese on a thick slice of good bread.

I toast the bread slightly first and butter it. Then placed on a baking tray or grill pan I spread the avocado (salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime juice and a drop of Sriracha added) and thin sliced tomato, the mushrooms and then the chicken slices. This goes into the oven under the broiler with the rack set down one notch from the heat. This is just to warm through these ingredients before topping with the egg and cheese.

I also added a tablespoon of chipotle mayo here.

In a skillet cook your egg, being careful to bring it to just under done- whites still runny- because it will be going under the broiler you don’t want a hard cooked yolk as a result. Lay it over the works and top with cheddar – or whatever cheese you fancy, and parsley or cilantro and place under the broiler just till cheese melts.






A compact, savory, little meal !Buen Provecho!


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