Better Sex with Mise en Place

Ok ok that was a bait, this is simply a French culinary term meaning to Put in Place, (or get prepared, or get your Sh*t together girl it’s 20 minutes to service!)  And in my defense of the title, the French are sexy no?

It’s a great practice that could really be applied in all occupations and life in general. It’s the Motto of every Boy Scout, “Be Prepared”. It is to get set up for the anticipated coming onslaught, whatever it may be.

mise-en-place Photo courtesy of the internet
Photo courtesy of the internet

In a kitchen it’s planning the meal, getting or gathering the required ingredients and equipment needed and doing any preliminary food preparations that can be done early- like cutting and blanching off the veg,  preparing any sauces, stuffings or dressings, any meat cutting needed, essentially anything you could do well before the meal time to save you time at the time of actually cooking the meal- thats what you want to do.

Professional chefs and cooks are in fact control FREAKS! They take their Mise seriously. They have to or they will be spinning hopelessly and helplessly out into the weeds when things pick up in the back of the house. (that would be the kitchen.)

Photo courtesy of the internet
Photo courtesy of the internet

So do it if it’s a big dinner especially, but even a family dinner for 2 this practice has merit. It just makes your life easy. It is what garners the doey eyed comments from your family or guests, ” Look at you, so relaxed, just tossing things together at the last minute~” And don’t you just want that kind of adoration?

Little do they know. Well, you could certainly let them in on your secret. Depends whose asking.

Either way you’ll be in control with seemingly effortless culinary chops, and will leave you perhaps with some stress free down time to engage in some oo la la before the guests arrive ~  See? Sexy.


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